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Cider threatened by population debacle

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LA SIDRA of December (No. 192)

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LA SIDRA of November (Nb. 191)

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The III Sagardo Forum begins

Cider Bars

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LA SIDRA d'Avientu (Nb. 192)

XIII Concursu Semeyes LA SIDRA

Harmoninzaxe Sidre de Xelu

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La Sidra


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  • Tasting and presentation of the SISGA in the Interceltic Festival of LorientTasting and presentation of the… 8 August, 2018 Yesterday, Monday 6, took place the first of the two presentations that will be made of the VIII International Exhibition of the Ciders of Gala… (46,462)
  • Spain discriminates Asturian cider and wineSpain discriminates Asturian… 12 July, 2018 The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food allocates 49.9 million euros to support the Spanish wine and 0 euros to cider, as if that were… (29,768)
  • Great success of the Asturian tent in the Interceltic Festival of An OriantGreat success of the Asturian… 12 August, 2018 The Asturian pavilion breaks records of visits and sales in its year of return under new management, with varied cultural programming and products of high… (16,723)
  • 1947, cider aged in oak1947, cider aged in oak 12 August, 2018 Innovation within the world of cider is not just about looking for new types of cider; It is also to work on the improvement of… (13,075)

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Pear cider and perry tasting Tasting

In the first activity organized by the nascent Cider Club, the tasting was guided by Manuel G. Busto and Joaquín Fernández, and offered the possibility of tasting cider from Murcia, Austria ...

Culture of the cider

Sparkling cider, protagonist in the Mexican parties

Christmas and New Year's Eve is offered with this drink whose consumption expanded thanks to the Asturians who crossed the Atlantic LA SIDRA.- Puebla is one of the states of Mexico where ...

Culture of the cider

Cider without alcohol to toast in Asturian hospitals

They will offer special menus during the Christmas holidays THE CIDER.- The Catering and Hospitality services of the eight public hospitals in Asturies have developed special menus to mak

Cider MillsCider tourismOpinionSin categoría

Cider threatened by population debacle

With an expected decrease of up to 20% of the Asturian population in just over 10 years, the potential market for cider will be reduced exponentially LA CIDER. - This is what the article ...

Culture of the cider

80 thousand euros for the Cider Museum

With that investment, the first in more than two decades, the aim is to increase the exposure in which there will be a space for the spacers, as the Casting Championship had been asking for ...

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