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The Route of the Cider of Xixón is updated

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LA SIDRA of August (No 176)

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LA SIDRA represents Asturies in Denmark

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VIII SISGA, participate as a volunteer

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September 2018
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27 August, 2018

Category: Xornaes gastronómiquesN/A: Jornada gastronómica de las tapes, la sidra y el Cachopo

N/A: Jornada gastronómica de las tapes, la sidra y el Cachopo
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3 September, 2018 4 September, 2018 5 September, 2018 6 September, 2018 7 September, 2018 8 September, 2018 9 September, 2018
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LA SIDRA d'Agostu (Nb 176)

Especial Sidre d'Asturies DOP 2018



Galeríes de Semeyes SISGA’17

La Sidra

Sidrería Alonso
Sidrería Alonso 01:17
IV capítulu Siceratores 02:14
Celebración 40 años El Sauco 01:07
DOP Sidre d'Asturies 2017 01:04
Repollu rellenu de cogordes y gambes n'El Fartuquín 01:27
PREMIOS SISGA 2015 01:09

Mas lleidos

  • Tasting and presentation of the SISGA in the Interceltic Festival of LorientTasting and presentation of the… 8 August, 2018 Yesterday, Monday 6, took place the first of the two presentations that will be made of the VIII International Exhibition of the Ciders of Gala… (46,390)
  • Spain discriminates Asturian cider and wineSpain discriminates Asturian… 12 July, 2018 The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food allocates 49.9 million euros to support the Spanish wine and 0 euros to cider, as if that were… (29,703)
  • Great success of the Asturian tent in the Interceltic Festival of An OriantGreat success of the Asturian… 12 August, 2018 The Asturian pavilion breaks records of visits and sales in its year of return under new management, with varied cultural programming and products of high… (16,668)
  • 1947, cider aged in oak1947, cider aged in oak 12 August, 2018 Innovation within the world of cider is not just about looking for new types of cider; It is also to work on the improvement of… (13,020)

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Presentation SISGA 2018

It will be next Tuesday, September 25 at La Casa de la Palmera de Xixón - LA SIDRA.- Next Tuesday, September 25, at the Casa de la Palmera in Xixón, the presentation of the Internation


We surpassed ourselves in the VIII SISGA!

Attendees will attend the congress, in addition to Asturian and Spanish cidermakers, representatives of more than 10 countries on 3 continents, including the United States, Germany or Japan.

Cider MillsEventsInternationalTastings

Sidra Riestra wins stars in Japan

Actually 3. The Riestra cider brut nature obtained a 'Medal of 2 stars' and the Riestra Semiseca 'Medal of 1 star' in the prize tasting or 'Good Tasting'. This contest that was developed in ...

Cider MillsEventsInternationalTastings

Cider conference in Exeter

This 12th of September the University of Exeter organized a series of conferences about cider with the title “Lookind for a definition of cider”. In UK they have it clear the need to deep...

Cider BarsCider MillsCulture of the cider

Sidra Somarroza wins the lawsuit of the cider bottle

The Mercantile Court No. 1 of Santander does not validate the registration of the bottle of cider made by the Association of Asturian Cider (ASSA). The complaint filed before the Mercanti...

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