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Gianluca Telloli will give the Opening Tasting of the XIII SISGA

The inauguration of the XIII International Hall of Gala Ciders -SISGA- will be carried out by the renowned oenologist from the Val d’Aosta, Gianluca Telloli, founder of the Maley cider mill.

LA SIDRA.- On the morning of Thursday, September 28, at the facilities of the Hotel Zentral Rey Pelayo, the opening of the XIII SISGA will take place, in which the Italian agricultural technician and cidermaker, Gianluca Telloli, will participate, giving a tasting of his ciders, and exposing the philosophy of his cider, and the prospects for the future of his cider and of the Mediterranean cider from a perspective of landscape and environmental sustainability.

The Maley winery, founded by Gianlucca in 2012, is based in Brisogne, Valle d’Aosta and among the objectives of this company is to promote and publicize the beauty and harmony of the hundred-year-old apple trees of Mont Blanc and the Cervino-Matterhorn  that Gianluca Telloli helped save from extinction: Raventze, Antey Renetta, Barbelune and Groin de Veau.

Gianluca produces a sparkling cider with the traditional method (like champagne), from a mixture between the native Raventze apple and the Coison de Boussy apple, in addition, following the Alpine tradition, the Blesson pear is added during the first pressing of the apples.

Gianlucca Telloli has been participating in the International Gala Cider Fair with the cider from his cider –Maley- almost from the beginning, with notable success, at the height of the quality of his product.


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