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‘Taste of cider mil’, the new experience of the XIII SISGA

This year the XIII International Hall of Gala Ciders has important novelties, one of which is  ‘Taste of cider mill’, an authentic cider-gastronomic experience without precedent.

LA SIDRA.- The ISidra project is destined to mark a before and after in the world of cider. One of the most intriguing aspects is ‘Saborgu a Llagar’ (Taste of cider mill), a sensory experience that aims to bring the sensations experienced in the cider mills to the table.

To explain it better, we delve into an exclusive interview with Silverio Álvarez, to discover what is the perspective from the kitchen.

A dive into the soul of cider.

For the entire Isidra team, Taste of cider mill is a real challenge, which tries to create a sensory experience, bringing the sensations experienced in the cider  presses closer to the table. Especially in the kitchen, where Silverio Álvarez faces a creative process that is not limited to the stove, but involves conceptual work and a deep knowledge of every nuance of the cider culture.


Beyond a job, a lifetime in the cider mills

Silverio understands that understanding cider goes beyond tasting it. It is immersing yourself in the lives of those who have embraced this tradition as their way of life. From the moment the apple is covered to fermentation in the casks, the team delves into the life of the cider makers.


The balance between tradition and avant-garde.

The ” Taste of cider mill Challenge” ranges from the most traditional recipes, handed down from generation to generation, to the sophistication of molecular cuisine. Quality and emotion are the essence of each dish. Silverio and his team create a culinary offer that maintains the essence of the most authentic flavors and textures.


The perfect marriage of the senses.

The collaboration between the kitchen and the world of ciders is essential to achieve the perfect sensory experience. For this reason, each dish is combined with a carefully selected cider, creating a unique balance between acidity, bitterness and sweetness.


An example: Cider Oysters in earth and sun

An emblematic dish, “cider oysters in earth and sun”, exemplifies this fusion. Using spherification techniques and marine textures, the dish is paired with a cider that highlights the acidity of the apple and the marine aromas. At Taste of cider mill each dish weaves a story that connects us to the roots of the world of cider. Does it make your mouth water?

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