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Carmen Moriyón: Xixón will be the headquarters of the European Network of Cider Cities

The new councilor of Xixón, Carmen Moriyón, anticipates the upcoming creation of the European Network of Cider Cities -RECS/ENCCi- with the signing of the Accession Protocol together with several municipal representatives of European countries.

LA SIDRA.- In the interview published in LA SIDRA Magazine on the month of July, the mayor of Xixón claims Xixón as a fundamental part of the Asturian cider culture and being an international reference regarding the world of cider.

Throughout four pages, Carmen Moriyón makes very interesting reflections about cider, the visibility of women in that world, the PDO and ends up establishing the commitment of her corporation with the Asturian cider culture, advancing that in the next XIII International Hall of Gala Ciders the signing of the Protocol of Adhesion to the European Network of Cider Cities will take place, in the town hall itself, in which representatives of European municipalities will participate, and in which establishes that Xixón will be the main and permanent headquarters of said RECS.

The RECS is a project that the Fundación Asturies XXI -organizer of the SISGA/IHGC- has been working on for years and which in the previous term of Carmen Moriyón was about to come to fruition, just as she announced that it will be done now.

Of course, the creation of this RECS, its constitution in Xixón, and the fact that Xixón is established as the main and permanent headquarters, will surely be a good support for Unesco’s recognition of the Asturian Cider Culture as Intangible Heritage of the Humanity.

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