Asturian Cider
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Asturian Cider
The country and the cider
National beverage
Asturian cider and society
Cider pouring and festivals
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Cider is no doubt the asturian national drink. Nowadays is considered that each asturian drinks an average of 45 litres of cider per year, number that in the case of Xixón (the biggest asturian city) reaches to 65. This makes asturians the most drinkers of cider in the whole world.

Cider is produced traditionally in all asturian territory with cider factories all over its land. 90 cider factories exists now, with an average production of 100 million litres of cider per year.

Likewise, there are apple tree plantations all over the country, considering that Asturies has more than 2.500 autochtonous varieties of apple, 515 of them are part of the germoplasma bank of the Asturian Service of Investigation and Food Developement (Serida).