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The Asturian cider mills triumph in the Cider World Award

Ice Cider Cortina got the highest score of the German contest in its category, for its part El Gaitero won 4 medals.

THE CIDER.- The Ice Cider by Cortina, Villaviciosa, has achieved the gold medal in the CiderWorld Award 2019, a contest framed within the international fair CiderWorld, which was held at the end of March. This event brings together every year, in Frankfurt, Germany, some of the best cider makers worldwide, being a benchmark in the cider industry both at European level and around the world. This year they competed ciders from countries like Italy, Norway, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Asturies or the United States.

Ice Cider Cortina, not only won the gold medal in its category, but reached 118 points out of the 120 maximums that the jury, made up of more than 30 industry experts, could award to the participants. In this way, he heads the international ranking made up of the more than 100 ciders that were awarded in the CiderWorld Award’19, a great news not only for the llagar of Cortina but for the entire Asturian cider sector. In addition the organic natural cider of this cider mill also got another gold medal.

“The Asturian apple varieties, the climate and the terrain of this region, are also a hallmark of identity, an extraordinary factor of quality that allows us to obtain as a result ciders with great aptitudes, different, unique. Therefore, the fact that our Ice Cider is already among the best ice ciders in the world, augurs a great future for this product, both in Asturies and on the international scene” said Sidra Cortina.

For its part, the ciders of the El Gaitero Group won 4 medals in this same event. The Natural and El Tercio El Gaitero won two medals of honor, while Pomarina Natural Espumosa and El Gaitero Red Grape have won two silver medals. “These awards once again confirm the good work of this company that has been at the top of the sector for almost 130 years,” they said from the press conference.

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