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‘The other ciders, potential for the future’

Today takes place the ‘sidrafórum’ within the activities of the Cider Festival of Nava

LA SIDRA – At 7:30 p.m. the so-called ‘sidrafórum’ will take place, a space in which different topics related to the identity drink of Asturias have been debated over the years. This year it will be about “the other ciders, their tasting and future potential”.

In this sense, one of the cidermakers from nava that has diversified products is the Viuda de Angelón. It offers a wide range of products. From natural cider, of course, to ice, brut, apple cream, etc.. “After more than 72 years in the market, we wanted to grow the cider culture and offer, in addition to ‘classic’ products such as natural cider, new products for different audiences. So, starting with natural Asturian cider, we try to make other ciders that can fit into that market outside the country. In England they like cider with a little bit of bitterness, in the United States a little more acidic and sweet. Each territory is different in terms of consumption” explained for this medium the maker of the aforementioned llagar Fran Ordóñez.

For him, Asturians have “the great fortune” of having traditional cider: “After traveling to several countries and know the cider there, our natural cider is the best in the world. Not because I am Asturian and believe it, the people from outside are the ones who say it. Foreign cidermakers affirm that we have a huge fruit park of apple varieties of cider, which can be foundnowhere else. Besides, our cider is fermented by wild yeasts, it is a spontaneous fermentation, which is nowhere done like this. And then, here the apple is picked by hand. That’s something we don’t value, but outside, they’re surprised.

A more extensive interview with this cidermakers will be available in the next edition of the magazine, along with an extensive report on the XLII Festival de la Sidra de Nava (XLII Nava’s Cider Festival).

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