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El Merendero de Covadonga wins the national contest of cachopo with Asturian veal

The contest has taken place inside the Hall of Gourmets, which is held until Thursday in Madrid.

LA SIDRA.- Cuadonga is in congratulations, at least, on gastronomic matters. El Merendero Covadonga has won the national contest “In search of the best cachopo prepared with Asturian veal IGP” in the 33rd edition of the Gourmet Hall that is taking place in Madrid from today until next Thursday. The second place was for La Marimorena and the third for Las Tablas de Campillín, the latter located in Uviéu.

Asturias has opted for its quality products in this fair since during the four days of the congress it will carry out different tastings, among them, the PDO Sidra de Asturies since it is part of the Food del Paraíso Natural brand.

In the contest of today twelve finalists with their cachopos participated, among them, six Asturian restaurants: Casa Chema, Taberna Salcedo, La Marimorena and Las Tablas del Campillín de Uviéu; El Merendero de Covadonga, who was the winner; and Río Astur, only representative of Xixón.

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