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Cabañón, cider bar and cider mill from Llanes

From a family of cider tradition, during the 80’s Jacinto Vela decided to transform this Asturian traditional house into one of the referential cider bars in our country.

Firstly he turned it into a little personal museum full of Asturian feeling and highlighting the cider world, gathering eighteen cider mills, hundreds of wooden cider cases and thousands of bottles.

As the owner himself says, the aim is to offer the friends the typical homemade food in the true pots, like fabada.

With meat done to perfection using Asturian oak and holm, he prepares the red meats of high quality such as steak, iberic like deer sirloin. All of them products that have the right point and scent proper of the wooden oven. We could mentions a great variety of homemade desserts but the rice with milk deserves a mention, as well as walnut tart, made with familiar recipes.

Of course, there is plenty of Cabañón cider, produced by himself, just by the side of the cider bar and with all the virtues proper of this Asturian product.

SIDRERÍA LLAGAR CABAÑON. Naves, Llanes T . 985 407 550

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