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An awards for innovation

Cortina’s Ice Cider got to the finals because of its presentation, Xiz by Castañón and Poma Áurea by Trabanco also got good critics.




LA SIDRA.- There are three cider mills coming to the Gourmet’s Hall presenting their novelties. The new imae of Poma Áurea was appreciated both by the public and the specialized press -as it happened in January at Madrid Fusion-. The same happened with Xiz, the sparkling cider by Castañón that was presented today at 13:30 causing a great impression among attendees and sommeliers.

Its taste and freshness surprised everybody, promising a great future for it. Besides there was tasted Roxmut, kown as the Asturian cider vermouth, and the reason why people come directly to Castañón’s stand at the Asturies area.


And congratulations for Cortina! Today theu announced that it’s finalist along with other three products to be awarded for the best presentation at Gourmet’s Hall. There are other two categories, so in total it’s nine chosen labels. A true success for the “new and innovative products”, the almost 1.000 of them. The resut and the awards will be tomorrow Thursday at 12.

Apart of it today it was an intense day of tastings and pairings. Conservas Costera offered a tasting pairing it with Xiz. Then the visitors could assess the quality of this company with a wide history in the sector, which offered anchovies, sea urchin paee, spider crab and seaweed omelette with tuna and sea urchins.

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