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The cosmoredneck-isms go on

The Apple Festival of Villaviciosa goes inside the cosmoredneck phenomenon.

THE CIDER.- It has been already said for a while that the cider world is full of cosmorednecks, people or expressions with disregard to the own culture and substitution for that they think to be “more universal”, actually an expression of provincialism and ignorance.

This time the contribution took place in the Apple Festival of Villaviciosa, where the apple tree orchard was called instead “plantación de manzano / apple plantation” as it can be seen in the diploma given to the Martínez Sopeña Brothers, to who we give our congratulations for this new distinction.

Nonetheless it does not reach the category of calling “domestic wine cellar” to home made cider mill, this new term of “apple plantation” has a good level indeed.

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