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The Spanish administration bans pear cider

Once again the Spanish legislation cuts the chances for development of Asturian cider mills.

LA SIDRA.- Although perry or pear cider is an Asturian traditional product, known since always, the Spanish legislation -limited because of wine and ignorant of the cider world- excludes in the last law approved on February was apporved by the Ministery of Agriculture, the category of pear cider. So now this category, pear cider, turns to be illegal and prevents the sale of perry with its own name.

In Asturies, as we said, pear cider is a traditional and historical product as apple cider, despite its production and consumption was decreaded lately. Only the cider mill Viuda de Angelón produced this product since 2011 and now it will have to stop its production and distributon of this beverage, while the shops and cider bars can still sell this product until they finish it.

Pear cider is made in almost every cider country such as Brittany, Normandy, Quebec, England or Ireland, where the legislation includes this denomination normally. IIn the case of Asturies and as explained in the magazine, the Spanish legislation turns to show its ignorance about the cider world, disparaging Asturian cider culture and cutting once again the chances for development of Asturian cider mills.

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