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Authentic, finally the DOP’s t-shirt in Asturian

The delay of the Asturian version of the DOP’s t-shirt was truly polemic.

LA SIDRA.- The DOP Cider of Asturies and its green t-shirt “100% Authentic Asturian” turned to be a great social success. But the fact of appearing only in Spanish ended up questioning the whole campaign and causing discomfort in the streets and especially in the social networks. There they commented about the despise it posed while not using the Asturian language, and some media even accused them to be “Asturian but only for convenience”.

Fortunately the misunderstanding was clear and new t-shirts in Asturian are already available, so it leaves quite clear the DOP Cider of Asturies’ commitment as stronger than some people thought, and that they know how to be proper Asturian people.


LA SIDRA wants to thank the courtesy of the DOP and this is why we will draft 15 t-shirts through facebook.

By the way, the DOP Cider of Asturies will celebrate its VIII Edition of the Cider of Asturies on next 20th of June at Llaboral Cientru d’Arte y Creación Industrial (Xixón), from 11.30 to 14.30 and from 17.00 to 20.00, with an invitation required for the entrance.


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