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LA SIDRA’s Photography Contest has been recognized by the NCP

Thanks to the work of Asemeyando the National Confederation of Photography has recognized the contest, its rules and its awards. THE CIDER.- It's been 10 editions of LA SIDRA's Photography Contest, aiming to covey cider, apple, its environment and culture and year by year we have been displaying the 20 best

1st A Estrada da Sidra Photography Contest

The Council of Tourism of Concello d'A Estrada organizes this contest with a 1.150 € prize. LA SIDRA.- The aim is to empower the Festa da Sidra both ellaboration as distribution and consumption: "it will have a topic to convey the spirit of cider", so the pictures presented will have

Solidary espicha at Tierra Astur Águila

There will also a be public auction of Buelga Astur pictures and the funds will go to Messengers of Peace   LA SIDRA.- On next Thursday 11th of May from 9:30 pm at cider bar Tierra Astur Águila in Cualloto, will take place the traditional solidary espicha or popular cider

Sidracrucis’17. Last vacancies and news

The Sidracrucis is each time closer and we are running out of vacancies as some novelties are annouced. GENERAL INFORMATION LA SIDRA.- The Sidracrucis’17 exceeds the expectations. It will not only be the most international edition, with British and Russian participation but also the one with many novelties, since this

LA SIDRA of February

LA SIDRA Nb. 158 corresponding to February of 2017 ENTAMU / BEGINNING / EDITORIAL LA SIDRA.- Release corresponding to February of 2017 with interview with the Doctor Jesús Bernardo about the vurtues of cider and Cantabric diet, the awards of the C LA SIDRA's Photography Contest, the label Cider Bars

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