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Sidracrucis’17. Last vacancies and news

The Sidracrucis is each time closer and we are running out of vacancies as some novelties are annouced.


LA SIDRA.- The Sidracrucis’17 exceeds the expectations. It will not only be the most international edition, with British and Russian participation but also the one with many novelties, since this year:

  • –        Ther will be a Sidracrucis Photography Contest with a case of cider for the winner.
  • –        We will celebrate a “Sidracrucis Preparatory” on Thursday 6th of April from 20 to 22 hours at our facilities in Prendes Pando 11 . Xixón.
  • –        Free entrance for the VIII First Cider of the Year (PSLA’17) on Thursday 13th April coming before 3 pm.
  • –        Free entrance for the VIII First Cider of the Year (PSLA’17) on Sunday 16th of April.
  • –        A little surprise we won’t tell now.

On the other hand the concept of Sidracrucis make compulsory the vacancies to be limited ant we are running out of them, opening now a reservation list in case of further places to fill.

Sidracurcis’17 The utmost cidery procession!

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