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Rules of the VIII “la Sidra” Photography Contest


1. Will be able to participate any person (professional or amateur) who send a picture inside the specified term and through the media required in each case. The pictures can only be presented by their authors.


2. They can only be sent pictures related to the cider, apple or any of its derivatives and according to the features explained in these rules, being 5 the maximun number of pictures presented by each author. If they were found pictures taken with the same camera presented by different authors, all the authors  involved will be automatically disqualified.

*There are 2 categories

Digital Photography for pictures taken with a digital camera reflex or compact.

Instagram Photography for pictures taken with a mobile phone and edited with instagram.

3. There are not allowed infographics and the pictures must present the process of elaboration and consumption of cider in any aspect both inside our outside Asturies.

4. All the pictures must be presented inside the deadline of the contest from the moment of their publishing in the magazine LA SIDRA (F. Asturies XXI) and until the 16st of December in the case of the category Instagram Photography and for the category Digital Photography will be the 25th of December, in the specified media.

5. The pictures must be send in digital format to the address: and in the subject of the email must be specified the category to participate in.

6. Those pictures participating in the category Digital Photography  must be sent in compressed JPG format and always with a resolution of 254 ppp and a size of 50×70 cm, without frames with the picture alone in the canvas. In the email must appear the name and address of the author, telephone number and photo captions for each one.

Those pictures participating in the category  Instagram Photography must be sent in JPG format wtith the maximun quality of the mobile phone, once edited.

All the pictures received to participate in the contest will be posted in Facebook and the winner will be the one with more “Likes”, with the voting open from the 25th of November when they will be posted until the 16th of December at 12:00.

7. The pictures presented must be previously unreleased, which means they cannot have won any other contest.

8. A qualified jury composed by people designed by LA SIDRA (F. Asturies XXI) will select among the pictures received the winner in the category Digital Photography.

9. There are not allowed signatures, frames or texts on the pictures.

10. There are not allowed compositions made from more than one picture.

11. LA SIDRA (F. Asturies XXI) keeps its right to ask the winners for the originals.

12. The finalist pictures will be part of the exposure “Cidery pictures”, which will be shown during the awards. This may be an itinerating exhibition with the aim of support the Asturian cider culture.

13. Among the finalist pictures in the category Digital Photography they will be awarded as follows:


 Winner picture awarded with 800 € (700 € in cash and 100 € in books).
Second prize awarded with 25€ in books and a pack of  cider products.

It will be also officially presented the picture winner in the category Instagram Photography awarded with 300 € (250 € in cash and 50 € in books)

Special Prize “JR  Cider” awarded with two cider cases for the best picture related to that cider press and/or its products. Any picture presented to the other two categories may participate in this category.


To get the prize the author or designed person must be attend to the awards himself, which will be announced in advance.

14. The finalists will get a diploma and an invitation for the awards.

15. The prizes for the best pictures (previous announcement through e-mail or phone to the winners) will be public in LA SIDRA Magazine (F. Asturies XXI).

16. The awarded pictures and a selection of the best ones will be published in LA SIDRA Magazine (F. Asturies XXI).

17. All the finalist pictures may be published and used by LA SIDRA LA SIDRA (Foundation Asturies XXI), respecting their original format and mentioning the author. The organization keeps the right of publishing the pictures in the magazine, books and other material it could edit with the only aim of spreading the Asturian cider culture, the cider and this contest, always mentioning the author. There will not be any kind of profit in the dissemination of such works.


18. The fact of participate means the full acceptance of the current rules.



In case of doubt in the interpretation of these rules in the different languages, the version in Asturian has preference for being the original one.



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