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LA SIDRA’s Photography Contest has been recognized by the NCP

Thanks to the work of Asemeyando the National Confederation of Photography has recognized the contest, its rules and its awards.

THE CIDER.- It’s been 10 editions of LA SIDRA’s Photography Contest, aiming to covey cider, apple, its environment and culture and year by year we have been displaying the 20 best pictures, growing in participation and in quality of the presented picture. We have had contestants from many countries worldwide, we had established the contest and we have went one step beyond thanks to the work in collaboration with the photographic association Asemeyando.

From this association they managed the participation among other photography contests recognized by the National Confederation of photography, which means a fully approval of the rules and the awards.

This meant to get the basis or rules of the contest to the highest standards of transparency and fulfilling of the current regulations. This means the involvement of a jury that has to fulfill as well high requirements to give the awards and means the recognition for the 25 best pictures selected, as well.

Thus our contest turns to be the only one with official recognition statewide of the free ones.

We are sure that this will mean a new growth in participation and in quality of the presented works.

The federated photographers will be able to get points for their resume and those not federated would not be affected anyway having event the points reserved for a future when they do federate.

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