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The trend of the Ciderchallenge#

Social networks get crowded with cider pourers.

LA SIDRA.- The challenge is about recording oneself pouring a cider glass or at least trying, then drink it and upload it, then name three friends to do the same, calling anothe three in 72 h top. Those who don’t follow the challenge will have to invite a cider bottle.

Apart of it those who accept it have to upload the video to social networks with the hashtag #Sidrachallenge, #Sidre #Asturies o #Folixa.

This is proving to be a trend, as an expression of vitality of the Asturian cider culture, with many Asturian public personalities such as: Sonia Fidalgo, Arantxa Nieto, Roberto Álvarez, Maxi Rodríguez, and the last one, Rodrígo Cuevas, the folk rascal and cabaret singer that was the picture of cider with denomination of origin, and he used the hashtag #paezquememexarontolosanxelinosnaboca, leaving clear that he knows how to pour cider.

The relevance of the use of social networks to spread Asturian cider culture is a very common phenomenon and is an element of transmission and empowerment that still has much to do for cider. As we usually say, cider is much more than a beverage.

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