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Fernando Couto with the SISGA

The Vice-Mayor of the Council of Xixón stated in the V SISGA that “each time a bottle of gala cider is sold, the label Asturies is been promoted”.

THE CIDER.- Fernando Couto didn’t want to lose the open tasting day of the gala ciders participating in the V SISGA, celebrated last Saturday in the Cultural Center Former Insitute Xovellanos, where people could taste ciders from Asturies, La Llébana, Llión, Vasque Country, Catalunya, England, France, Sweden, Czech Republic, Holland, Italy, Slovakia or Austria, an unique chance for the cider market.

Fernando Couto, councilman of Economic Development of Xixón wanted to participate in the SISGA 2015, showing his hope in the Asturies XXI Foundation, with which Xixón has been collaborating some years and which he knows closely: “The International Hall of Gala Ciders is a great work by the members of the Asturies XXI Foundation, since the awards by themselves are just the top of the iceberg given the work of the whole year, travelling to know cider makers of other countries”. Couto assured that the SISGA in these five years realized its objective of promoting non-pouring ciders and stablish a market at international range. “The table ciders are an exportable product, so this event stimulates that Asturies and its production to have access to the global market”. The Vice-Mayor statd that from the Council of Xixón they will always show commitment towards initiatives like this for they work with quality products that aim to get a place in the international market.

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