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The Cider Museum. Comre incompetences

The meeting between the president of the “Principality” confirms also the lack of institutional interest or a project for the future.

THE CIDER – The regrettable mumbling of the Cider Muséum of Nava had a new expression in the meeting of Juan Cañal, Mayor of Nava, with Javier Fernández, president of the “Principality” stating thus one of the most grotesque chapters, where there was not made clear to the president his responsibility for the breach of the agreed economic support by the institution -since mayor and president are from the same political party- but they even tried to pass the responsibility ti the cider makers. There was also the proposal of integrating it in the pulbic society for the management and touristic and cultural promotion Recrea, which from a very beginning would be  against the main bases of the Cider Foundation.

In this show of incompetence, that obviated the responsibility of the “Principality” towards the situation of the Museum, and the Cider Foundation itself, but it was given to the cider makers with statements like “the cider makers have to live for their museum and revitalize it”.

However is ture that the implication of the sector -the whole sector, not just the cider makers- is important, but more is that the main responsibility is of the Foundation itself, and its heads, mainly from the institutions there represented and that do not have the proper commitment. But ahead of all we have to keep clear that against the stated, the Museum and not the cider makers, not even in the most figurative sense, are the responsible, alongside with the compound of Asturian people, the protagonists and creators of the Asturian cider culture and thus the main commitment must be institutional.

A summary of the Cider Museum of Nava can be found in the article Is there light at the end of the tunnel?, released in the LA SIDRA’s issue 144 of December 2015.

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