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Preparing the 18th Gascona’s Tasting

This Thursday begin the gastronomic days of cooking with cider and on Sunday 14th May there will be the Tasting.
LA SIDRA.- The schedule of the 18th Gascona’s Tasting is almost completed and we already know that on Sunday 14th of May there will be the 18th edition of this cider event. The opening speech will be by the showman Rodrigo Cuevas, creator of a new music style, and will perform there. As well as in previous editions people will be able to purchase a glass, a handkerchief and a voting sheet for 3 € and then taste cider from the cider mills serving Gascona and vote the best cider in the popular category.
The official tasting will be headed by Luis Estrada and the expert jury will be composed by Maximino Villarrica, Gumersindo Martínez, Joaquín Cernuda, Severino Cueva and Agustín Rodríguez. They will chose the winner cider in the official category.
This edition has the participation of 19 cider mills: Buznego, Castañón, Cortina, El Gobernador, Fonciello, Foncueva, Herminio, JR, L’Argayón, La Llarada, Menéndez, Muñiz, Orizón, Roza, Trabanco, Vallina, Vigón, Viuda de Angelón and Viuda de Corsino.
The gastronomic days of cooking with cider will begin on Thursday 21st in all the cider bars of the cider boulevard and will finish the Tasting day.
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