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A cidery travel as gift

Luis López was the winner of he trip to Bristol by Trabanco Cider

LA SIDRA.- The experience of “Cidery Destination” was a success on its second edition with a participation around 50.000 people that had a Trabanco Cider bottle on the last weeks during the promotion. The winner of the draft at the notary José Luis Rodríguez García-Robés was Luis López Palacios. He will travel to Bristol invited by that cider mill to know other cider regions of the worls. Last year the destination was Frankfurt and it was a fascinating experience for the winner Liliana Pasi.


There are 800 cider bars from Asturies participating int he project “Cidery Destination” with a great response by the cider lovers, who registered 49974 cider bottle codes in the web site, a number like last year, but this time with more codes than the 2016 edition and two weeks more.

Bristol smells to sea and cider. It’s like Xixón in many ways. It has a quite relevant port, which gave the character to its inhabitants, quite good businessmen and cosmopolite people.

A very important aspect of “Cidery Destination” for cider lovers is to get the chance to know more about our world and join the Master Class taking place every Friday at the cider mill, where they also visit the facilities and were taught about the ellaboration process, the different cider varieties and tasted the cider Over the Yeast -on next 15th of May- and tasted also Avalon or Poma Áurea. Given the interest of the attendees they were given cider with defects so they could assess them and then not find those defects in a cider bar.

During these wees Trabanco Cider also invited its customers to enjoy dinners in cider bars all across the country, being the last winners Javier Sánchez from La Felguera, Mar Marina Ruesga from Xixón, Raúl Prado from Uviéu and Mónica García, from Avilés.

From the cider mill Isabel Trabanco states that “it’s one of the msot grateful experiences we have as cider malers, to see how people come to your home eager to know and enjoy cider, something very of our own, inside our very DNA, and that we want to pass to the new generations.

From Trabanco Cider they guarantee that they will make available CIdery Destination for next year also. Will it be Michigan in the USA? Will be Brittany? The important fact about this kind of activities is that they empower cider, its culture and expand our vision about a product from here but that is also consumed in many other places of the world.

In a few weeks there will be the long expected Cider over the Yeast, without blending, the first one of the year from the cider mill of Llavandera, which “comes nice and fantastic” according to Samuel Trabanco.

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