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LA SIDRA in Holland

The first day of the International Cider Festival ended with a very nice dinner for producers and distributors of international cider.

THE CIDER.- Asturian cider is not unknown around Europe. That is the work of the European dellegation of LA SIDRA. Yesterday took place in the nice frame of the Fenix Food Factory of Maashaven, Rotterdam, the first day of the second edition of the International Cider Festival.

There we could meet again old friends from across Europe that came to participate in the International Hall of Gala Ciders (SISGA) and many new ones that showed their interest in coming to the next edition.

Producers from more than 10 countries could enjoy a dinner of international dishes (English pudding, Dutch meat and Norman desserts) paired with the best ciders awarded in the most prestigious international events.

Here Asturian cider succeeded especially due to our ancient and flamboyant culture of the cider pouring, for the freshness of the narutal cider and the quality of our sparkling ciders. It should be highlighted Riestra’s brut cider and a good selection of the cider mill Viuda d’Angelón. Also the Asturian ice cider by Panizales was in a privileged location among the international distributors that could exchange impressions on the last tendencies of international cider.

Today will be held the open to public fair under the solgan “Become incider”, that will offer a great variety of products to the select public of the Dutch city of Rotterdam.

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