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Menéndez invites its customers to a great espicha

Espicha MenendezThe crowded party took place in the facilities of the cider mill on Monday 13th of June at 8 in the afternoon.

THE CIDER.- More than 400 people came along yesterday to the great opular drinking meeting or espicha at Menéndez Cider Mill. It’s been six years now that this event takes place with the aims of giving to know the facilities to the customers and celebrate with them the success of their product. “We want to spend a nice day with them, many of them come from all across Asturies. We are lucky to have such customers that are as well friends. And that is capital” stated Gerardo Menéndez. So they did have a good time indeed.

The visitors could know first hand the team of the cider mill in Fano, Xixón. The date began at eight in the afternoon with Cabrales cheese and some cured meat snacks. A great number of dishes were served among the five lines of tables along the cider mill. Surrounded with Menéndez cider and it’s DOP Val D’Ornón, the people could enjoy the national beverage. Later on they were served reasted lamb, more of 22 of them were roasted, cut and prepared right in there. We have to assure that no one was left hungry and there was plenty of food for everybody. To end there were some nice desserts and live music. Doubtlessly Menéndez knows how to spoil its people.

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