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Tasting of Irish, Japanese and Portuguese ciders

On next Saturday 7th of May there will be on the faciities of the Asturies XXI Foundation a guided tasting of Irish, Japanese and Portuguese ciders.

THE CIDER.- Inside our dynamic of giving to know ciders from other nations, on next Saturday 7th at 12 of the midday there is a tasting of Irish cider Finnbarra (brut and demi dry); Portuguese: Corrupia; and Japanese: Tamura Cidre (brut). They are ciders a little bit different to those we are used to and which we might have in the SISGA’16, being presented now in a specific tasting. On it will participate Donato Xuaquín Villoria, LA SIDRA’s collaborator, who will share his impressions and opinions with the attendees.

The internatinalization of cider and the increasing interest in knowing what are they doing in other countries in the cider field make these tastings very interesting, allowing thus to enlarge the knowledge of cider in all its possible expressions.

The tasting will take place in the facilities of the Asturies XXI Foundatiuon (Prendes Pando 11- Xixón) and the vacancies are limited and a strict order of inscription will be followed, being necessary to sign in first through email at, or calling 652594983. The price is € 5, €3 for LA SIDRA’s subscribers or collaborators.

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