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The patriotism of the cider sector, in doubt

The appearance of a advertisement campaign in Asturian starred by a Portuguese beer label rises all kinds of criticisms from the cider makers due to a “precarious Asturian patriotic feeling”.

THE CIDER.- The social networks are each time faster and more intuitive. It is so that just after the advertising campaign totally written in Asturian of a Portuguese beer -Super Bock-, there were many people questioning why the Asturian companies don’t do the same. Especially the cider sector, which on one hand claims to produce an Asturian and patriotic product, do despise systematically Asturies’ language with fair exceptions such as L’Allume cider.


The truth is that we have to highlight the unjustifiable inattention of our language by the cider makers, despite both the DOP “Sidre d’Asturies” as the “Cider of Selection” do have an Asturian version of their web sites and some cider mills name their cider in Asturian (the last one Gallu Pintu) and some of them even labeled in Asturian but had to spot doing that since the “Principality” menaced them with economic fees. Yes, “The Principality” did that! Whe ones who theoretically should defend Asturian interests were the ones who repressed the use of our languege.

Whatever the case it should be recognized some sensitivity of the sector towards our language and also the opinion of the social networks that sensitivity is definitely not enough and that is preposterous that at the end is a Portuguese company the one to remind us that we are Asturian people and we have a language of our own and a dignity

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