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Tu enriba, abaxu yo

Successful Casa Cortina method to prevent covid-19 infections

LA CIDRA.- The originality with which the Asturian cider sector is facing the covid-19 pandemic is enormous, and if a few days ago we were commenting on this website about the original “gabitu” to pour cider, the work of Nisen Díaz, or the silk-screened glasses in color from the PDO “Sidra de Asturies”, now it is Casa Cortina that stands out with a new method to prevent infection.

The method manages to reduce the physical contact between clients and customers, and is exemplary for its effectiveness and its simplicity and zero cost. This method, coined under the motto “You enriba, abaxu yo” (you on top, me below), consists of inviting customers to take the glass of cider from the top, while the pourers will always do it from the bottom. Thus, the hands of the pourer and the client never contact on the same surface, which would break a hypothetical chain of contagion.

To all this must be added the fact of using Asturian as the vehicular language of this campaign, which is making it especially popular, and is putting itself as an example of Asturian commitment to the initiative of the vessels of the PDO Sidre d’Asturies, object very controversial and harshly criticized on social networks for discriminating against the Asturian language.


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