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“Apple wine”, the triumph of cosmopolitism stupidity

Covadonga Díaz, councilwomkan for festivities and youth of the Uviéu City Council, surpasses the ranking of “cosmopaletism” in the cider world by referring to cider as “apple wine”.

LA SIDRA.- In the interview, published today in El Comercio, Covadonga Díaz, speaking of the next fair in L’Ascensión, allows himself to say that “the apple broth test is in Gascona!”, Thus achieving the cumlaude of surrealism, the substitution of the Asturian term of normal use “sidre/ cider” for “apple wine” is so out of place, gratuitous, unnecessary and subjugated to the expression of wine, that it can only be justified by an unhealthy cosmopathy.

From LA SIDRA we have been denouncing the progressive acculturation / Spanishization / winemaking of the cider world, which transmutes “llagares” in wineries, “pumaraes” in apple orchards, “culinos” in culines and as in this case, “sidre / cider” in wine of Apple. The autoodio, the complex that the Asturian is “of the people” and that the alienation is more “cosmopolitan” ends up giving situations like the aforementioned, in which the narrow mentality of those who resort to it is evident.

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