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The Polish youth gets involved with cider

After the success of the Polish cider mill Cydr Szczepanówka, youth sees a valuable option for the future in the cider sector.

One can say that Aleksandra Buła isa the youngest cidermaker in all Poland and in LA SIDRA we are proud to say that her very first success was last year in Asturies, where she got her first award, the silver medal on the International Hall of Gala Ciders  (SISGA/ IHGC). Besides it was a very new cider since the Polish cider sector is betting for high quality sparkling ciders to reach for the international market.

The tradition of cidermaking in Poland is overall focused in the Lublin area, where a delegation of the Fundación Asturies XXI participated in their cider festival recently and from where the Cydr Szczepanówka cider mill, named after her great-great grandfather  Szczepan who started with the orcgharrds, comes from. Since then the family was linked to the fruit farm and it was not until four years ago that she decided to make cider, firstly because of her eagerness to learn and then as a passion and lastly as a work taking advantage of her formation in oenology.

Apart of the specialized formation, her attendance to events like the SISGA was very useful to know other people from the sector and get to know other cider cultures such as the English, the Japanese, the Breton and of course the Asturian one. She states that this was the first time she got to taste so many ciders from so many countries while learning about the different production methods from all around the world.

In the future she intends to release an ice cider and enhance the production of her cider mill and we are sure that her products will give to talk in the next edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders. After all it was last year when it turned to be a game changer that marked the new quality standard for the Polish ciders and a cornerstone in the recognition of this country’s ciders worldwide.

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