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The countries of cider, Asturies and Breizh

The correspondents of LA SIDRA approached in this 49th edition of the Lorient Interceltic Festival, this year dedicated to Galicia, to follow cider news in Europe and around the world of folk.

Although several of the Celtic nations tend to have good ciders in their tents, such as Cymru (Wales), Ellan Vannin (Isle of Man), Éire (Ireland) or Alba (Scotland), this year has not been an exception and the two Celtic nations most linked to cider consumption have been Breizh (Brittany) and Asturies.

Although at European level there is a palpable development internationally in both quality and quantity of cider production, several of the nations represented have lowered their cider offer this year, having fewer varieties or even having Breton cider instead instead of their own.

It is precisely that decrease that makes contrast in comparison to the amount of cider and its ubiquity within the festival of the ciders from Asturies and Brittany. From our home for the nice Cortina cider offered in the Asturian tent, which this year has the best cider pourer in the world, the champion Salvador Ondó. On the other hand, Breizh is present in all festival’s bars with its typical brand Loïc Raison with two varieties, one of traditional cider and another sparkling one, and with its support and sponsorship of traditional music competitions.

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