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XIV LA SIDRA’s Photography Contest

The free participation contest is organized by the Asturies XXI Foundation, with the support of Sidra JR and the collaboration of the photographic association Asemeyando and the magazine LA SIDRA

LA SIDRA.- LA SIDRA’s Photography Contest is back! After last year it could not be held due to the pandemic, this 2022 has already been announced. It should be noted that this contest is the only one that is focused on cider in the entire State and that this year it will celebrate its fourteenth edition. The Asturies XXI Foundation is the entity in charge of organizing the event, which is sponsored by Sidra JR, and which is carried out thanks to the collaboration and organization of the Asemeyando Association.

Keep in mind that:

Registration is free,
The theme of the contest is cider, apples or any of its derivatives.
The photographs may only be submitted by their own authors, who may participate with a maximum of 5 images.
All essentially photographic genres and procedures are admitted. However, infographics will not be accepted.
Images that represent the process of elaboration and consumption of cider in any aspect both inside and outside of Asturies will be valued.
Photo Parameters:
Minimum height 2400 in pixels Maximum height 6000 in pixels
Minimum resolution 300 dpi
The only valid way to submit the photographs is through

Publication of the bases: January 2022.
Reception of works: from February 1 to March 31, 2022.
Publication of the jury’s decision: from April 14, 2022.
Awards ceremony: from April 30, 2022
The prizes are:
Winning Image, €700 Cash, CEF Gold Medal
Accésit endowed with €200 in cash, CEF silver medal,
Accésit endowed with €100 in cash, CEF bronze medal,
Special mention “Cider JR” endowed with 100 euros and two boxes of JR cider (to be collected at the winery by the winner)


In case of doubt in the interpretation of the bases, the version in Asturian language will prevail.

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