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Variety of programming in the Asturian tent in An Oriant

During this 49th edition of the An Oriant Interceltic Festival (Brittany), the Asturian tent by the organization Asturies Gayaspera offers a good variety of cultural and festive events for free

LA SIDRA.- Every day after six in the afternoon everyone who wants to can approach the tent that represents us at the festival to enjoy the following workshops and talks:

  • The role of women in traditional Asturian music
  • Craft beer tasting
  • Cider tasting
  • Workshop of natural cider pouring
  • Sample of Asturian traditional costumes
  • Sample of traditional dresses
  • Asturian traditional tambourine didactic concert
  • Talk about Asturian natural cider, production and consumption

Of more festive nature, the musical programming stands out, with the performances of the Asturian artists: Gonzalo Llao (voice and bouzuki), Juan Almaraz (flutes), Salva Daza (violin), Illán Escalada (Asturian bagpipe), Alfredo González (keyboard and Dj), Silvia Quesada (voice and DJ), Clara Díaz (Asturian tambourine and voice), Lorena Rodríguez (Asturian tambourine and voice), La Xarangana brass band and Fonte Fuécara Bagpipe Band.

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