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Galician triumph at the 34th MacCrimmon

 The Asturian Fernando Vázquez Cárcaba tied with the Galician María López Carballo in first place.

This year it could not be. The bagpiper Fernando Vázquez Cárcaba, a known MacCrimmon contestant, tied with María López Carballo in first place in the prestigious Breton bagpipe contest. However, the regulations favor the youth of the participants and the prize went to the neighboring country, Galicia.

It is the third year that Fernando Vázquez Cárcaba attends the MacCrimmon. In 2015 he finished 6th in the standings, and last year he took the podium with a 3rd position. The musician from Lieres, however, is getting numerous successes: he has been a director since last year of the Banda Gaites Conceyu Siero and has finished his studies in Musicology at the University of Uviéu, so we can predict an even more promising future, although this one he will keep the honey of success on his lips.

The An Oriant Interceltic Festival knows what it’s doing, and rewards talent when it sees it. And if the extraordinary fingering has merit when it comes from young people, especially if the winner is a 15 years old. María López Carballo, the winner of this edition, began her musical studies in 2010 at the Bellón y Maceiras School of Music and since then she maintains musical training in several traditional instruments such as zanfona and Galician and Asturian bagpipes with prestigious teachers such as Rodrigo Joglar.

Congratulations to both for the successes.

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