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Draw for a Disarmament menu

It is organized by the Cofradía del Desarme, is for two people and will be held on September 15, 16 or 17 at the Casa Amparo or Casa El Marmio restaurants, in Uviéu

LA SIDRA.- The Confraternity of Disarmament has organized a raffle in which the prize is a Disarmament menu. The menu is for two people and the winner can enjoy it at the Casa Amparo Restaurant or at Casa El Marmio on October 15, 16 or 17. The raffle is part of the activities to celebrate the Disarmament gastronomic festival.

To compete, you have to go to the Facebook page of the brotherhood, give a “like” to the publication where the raffle is promoted, and in the comments section, the interested party must put with whom they would go to taste the aforementioned menu.

We remember that the traditional dishes are: chickpeas with cod and spinach, Asturian tripe and rice pudding. Likewise, it is also important to note that El Desarma de Uviéu has been considered since May 20 as a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest.

On the web page of the brotherhood it is stated: “There are various theories about the beginning of this centenary tradition, but the most plausible could be the one that began with the first Carlist War (1833-1839), and specifically in 1836, when the Carlists try to take Uviéu. Then, on October 10 – the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II – the authorities decide to give an extraordinary ranch to the soldiers based on chickpeas, bacon, meat and potatoes. On the 19th of that same year there is a new Carlist attack with numerous deaths, among them four militiamen, in whose statutes it is contemplated that the deceased of that body receive a tribute and compensation for their families. ”

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