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Cider takes the stage with Clarisse Lavanant

The Brittany singer won the public of the An Oriant Interceltic Festival and dazzled in a Espace Marine with all tickets sold.

THE CIDER.- Sometimes the festivals hide authentic jewels in their programming in the form of a concert cycle or with opening groups. This was the case of the Breton Clarisse Lavanant, responsible for opening the second grand concert of the 49th An Oriantla Interceltic Festival last night on August 4, whose main course was the famous Nolwenn Leroy.

The Espace Marine was full to the flag and people wanted to have fun on the first weekend of the program. From the outset, a scenario of pantagrulelic propositions: not in vain, this is the largest concert hall in the city. A dressed figure came out on stage with the colors of the apple: Clarisse Lavanant. And, in less than forty minutes, he sung with cider in his voice.

The Briton made seven shows of the country in seven songs: while intertwining melodies of Dan ar Braz, Youen Gwernig and Georges Moustaki, she transformed the mood of the respectable and set him on his feet. Already at the time of saying goodbye, he got everyone to join his voice to sing Son ar Chistr, a typical song that talks about the star drink of the Celtic world: cider. A pity that there wasn’t a cider cask to be opened right there.

Then it was the turn of Nolwenn Leroy, a famous Breton singer who made himself known at the French music reality shows, which continued with songs from his repertoire and versions of international folk classics.

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