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Sparkling cider, protagonist in the Mexican parties

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is offered with this drink whose consumption expanded thanks to the Asturians who crossed the Atlantic

LA SIDRA.- Puebla is one of the states of Mexico where there is more production of sparkling cider. On these dates it is estimated that sales of this drink increase by up to 50%. No wonder, the cider in that Latin American country is the main drink of the Christmas holidays and also in the New Year. Its consumption was implemented and expanded both in that nation and in others in the New Continent thanks to the Asturian emigration that made the American countries their place of residence.

In Mexico it is not usual to celebrate with champagne. If it is sparkling drinks, the traditional thing is to celebrate with sparkling cider. The main processors are located in the towns of Huejotzingo and Zacatlán, where there are more than 20 producing cider mills. One of them is what we see in the photograph: Cider San Francisco, which maintains the artisan form of cider production that has been given to it by previous generations. In addition to the ciders they call traditional “natural and pink”, they also have flavors: pear, tangerine, cranberry, pomegranate, blackberry, strawberry and peach. They also offer a gourmet range with cider called “gourmet and aged”.

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