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Cultivating with cider in An Oriant

 Today, Tuesday, August 6 at 6 p.m.Tino Cortina gave a spech about Asturian cider
 Within the abundant program of the festival and culture of the Asturian tent at the An Oriant Interceltic Festival organized by Asturies Gayaspera, the activity it touches today is an approach to Asturian cider and was carried out by the cidermaker from the Cortina cider mill, from Villaviciosa.
 During the talk, conducted in Spanish and French, an explanation was made about how to drink and how cider is made.  In addition to of course how it is lacking, since we had the presence of the four-time champion of cider pouring of Asturies, Salvador Ondó, to do the demonstration.
Apart from the sensitivity demonstrated by the organization of the tent with cultural workshops, varied traditional Asturian cuisine, program in Asturian language and folk music, the cider could not help but have a central role in the programming of the tent that represents us in this 49 edition of the Lorient Interceltic Festival.
 With regard to the heart of the talk, Tino put special interest in highlighting the role of cider in Asturian society.
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