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Casa Valdorta, New Cider Bar In Xixón

The Xixón’s neighborhood of Nueu Roces has a new cider bar, Casa Valdorta.

The restaurant, run by Óscar Gavino, with extensive experience in the hospitality sector, is committed to a traditional, homemade and quality cuisine, in which the portions have a leading role as good cider that boasts, being able to taste a wide variety, from the most classic dishes such as fried calamari or croquettes to some more elaborated ones like matachana blood sausage with compote, octopus cake, crunchy chicken with honey or exquisite Iberian pork tears.

Knowing that there are more and more people who eat away from home, they want to offer a cuisine in which the typical dishes of spoon are always present among the proposed options. In addition, its offer is completed with salads, scrambled, cachopos of different fillings, calling the attention of Provolone and natural tomato; and meats of all kinds ..

The secret of Casa Valdorta, which does not close any day for rest and that has a spectacular covered terrace, is in its treatment to the client and the product, including, of course, the cider, being able to choose between Menéndez, its DOP, Val d ‘Ornón or Llagar de Quintana. Being located in a new neighborhood with many young people, “we know that they will be a demanding clientele, so we will try to make them feel comfortable and encourage them to come back”.

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