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Cider heroes

In these times of pandemic we are getting used to gestures to honor all those people who, in one way or another, are on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus, especially health workers and Public Health; But today, from LA SIDRA we also want to pay tribute to the real cider heroes, to the cider bar owners, to the cider pourers, to those people who, despite the harsh health, social and economic circumstances, strive to discover the most sanitary regulations demanding, and who receive us with the best of smiles, doing an exercise of confidence and positivism.

We want to thank them for the effort, smile they dedicate to us after the mask they have to wear throughout the working day, thank them for the good work, the encouragement, the hope they transmit; Because we serve that cider without which we are not able to live, for doing the impossible so that despite the distancing and coldness that sanitary measures impose, the cider bars continue to transmit their spirit, their environment, their brotherhood ….. because keep it alive.

These are difficult times, and it is in these circumstances when you have to know how to appreciate these things more than ever. For that, when we hurry the next culin, we thank you for being there, for your good work; and we have taken it to your health, because you deserve it.

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