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New image of Las Peñas Cider Bar

The emblematic cider bar of Santurio -Xixón- held in the evening yesterday night the renovation of its image with a modern and especially cozy design.

If Las Peñas Cider Bar was already a benchmark in Xixón’s countryside, the process of image renewal further confirms its leadership. A modern design suitable for its cider bar condition, with an extremely careful lighting that provides an even more welcoming character, a significant improvement of the sound, a successful general design, and a considerable growth of the space dedicated specifically to cider houses, Las Peñas Cider Bar marks a renewing trend that you will surely find followers.

Yesterday, in the afternoon / evening was held the celebration of this new image, encouraging that many customers and friends – and even other people who wanted to know this new image of the cider – come to Las Peñas, where they were exceptionally well received by all the team of the cider bar, which in addition to its varied offer of cider -Trabanco normal and d’Escoyeta, Piñera and Piñera DOP, Second- and a varied assortment of skewers added the good work of the ham cutter Alfredo Suárez , which brought out the best of the Montenevado ham that was offered to the attendees.

Among the attendees, highlight the assistance of the cidermakers Piñera, Trabanco and El Duque, who did not want to miss this occasion to congratulate the cider for its spectacular renovation.


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