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Asturian cider in Hiroshima

Yesterday, Monday, July 24th the first of the conferences that the Fundación Asturies XXI gives as part of its itinerary for the presentation of the XIII SISGA and the Asturian cider culture in Japan took place in the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

LA SIDRA.- The event was held as part of the Tokyo Cider Collection 2023 and was sponsored and organized by the Japanese cider mill Kimura. It took place in the YMCA building in the center of the city of Hiroshima, with the participation of Tatsuro Fuji as cidermaker of the Fukiware Cidrerie of the Gunma prefecture and Anzu Fernández Pérez and Aymara González Montoto as representatives of Fundación Asturies XXI.

Within the symposium, carried out entirely in Japanese, the XIII International Hall of Gala Ciders was presented, as well as our cider tradition and history, peculiarities of our product, details of the current situation, new market trends and the process for the Asturian cider culture to be recognized by Unesco as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Apart from that, there was a demonstration of cider pouring, a guided tasting of Mayador, Busto and Martínez Sopeña ciders, and in general, our country was made known to a very interested and multitudinous audience, although exclusive, made up of professionals in the sector, cider makers and directors of the Japanese hotel and hostelry industry.

Of course, one of the main interests of this intensive series of conferences is the promotion of the next edition of the International Hall of Gala Ciders, which will take place this September with its 13th edition and will welcome cider makers from more than 20 countries and in which we hope to have a very good Japanese representation.

Leading among them is the ambassador of Asturian cider in this country and member of the Bona Cofradía de Siceratores Tatsuro Fuji, famously known for his cider bar in Tokyo, the Eclipse First Sidreria.

This seminar is part of the series of conferences that the Asturian representatives give throughout their itinerary through 9 cities in Japan.

From the country of the rising sun, we will continue to report.



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