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“We are more united than ever” says the PDO

The Cider of Asturias with Protected Designation of Origin celebrated its IX Hall in which Piñera won as the best natural cider and Pomarina as the best filtered and sparkling.

LA SIDRA.- DOP Sidra de Asturias held the ninth edition of the Cider Show at the Xixón Trade Fair, in which, says the entity, “it has shown the unity and strength of a sector that continues to rise and that is on track to beat all the records. Proof of this is the goal that a year ago was marked and that soon can become a reality: the delivery of 4,000,000 back labels, an absolute record “.

The central act, conducted by the journalist Arantxa Nieto, was attended by the President of CR DOP Sidra de Asturias, Celestino Cortina; the Minister of Rural Affairs and Natural Resources, María Jesús Álvarez; the President of OTEA, José Álvarez Almeida; and the Councilor for Tourism of the City of Gijón, Jesús Martínez Salvador.

Another of the highlights of the morning took place with the awarding of the prizes to the best cider of 2018. Sidra Piñera was distinguished as “Best Traditional Natural Cider”; Pomarina, from Valle, Ballina and Fernández, as “Best Filtered Cider”; and Pomarina, from Valle, Ballina and Fernández, as “Best Natural Sparkling Cider”. Raúl Entrerríos was named this year the Ambassador of the PDO Cider of Asturias.

At the end, the 31 developers have posed in a large family photo with the winners and the authorities present, a photo that will remain for posterity, reflecting what years ago had been asking in the sector and that was completed last year thanks to the effort and the work carried out from the Regulatory Council and the Council.

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