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The “Gourmet of the Yumay” remembered Grande Covián

In the photo Justo García with Gloria Grande and José María Ordovás blowing the candles to commemorate Francisco Grande Covián’s 110th birthday.

The association “Gastronomes of Yumay” celebrated, with a traditional Asturian espicha, at the headquarters of the entity, the Yumay restaurant from Avilés, which would have been the 110th birthday of Francisco Grande Covián. An anniversary that is commemorated every year to remember the figure of a cheerful and kind person, born in Colunga and who loved to spend the summer in his homeland and stroll through the town of Adelantado.

The Asturian doctor and researcher is considered one of the parents of nutrition, being the teacher of some of the most eminent scholars in this field, such as José María Ordovás, biochemist and director of the USDA Human Nutrition and Genetics Laboratory Nutrition Research Center of the University of Tufts (Boston) and pioneer in the investigation of the nutrigenomics, who did not want to miss the celebration and made a lightning trip back and forth to the United States to be able to blow the birthday candles of Grande Covián next to the daughter of the Asturian scientist, Gloria Grande; the owner of the Yumay and president of the association «Gastrónomos del Yumay», Justo García; and the mayor of Colunga, Sandra Cuesta.


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