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Getting ready for “Cider glass to cider glass”

The mythical Rally of the Cider of Candás, which will be the culmination of the San Félix Festival, will be a solidary event.

“It does not matter which distant countries welcome Asturians people, no matter the time elapsed or the vicissitudes that life imposes on us. The single image of the cider breaking against the glass evokes in any of us a mixture of sensations bringing to the surface of the memory the most personal and intimate emotions of each one. Because the golden liquid has its flavor, its smell, its songs, but above all, it is a joyful celebration of group, friendship and life itself ”

It is a text of the City Council of Carreño and signed by the mayor, Amelia Fernández, to indicate that under those premises on August 2, and as the culmination of the Feasts of San Felix, the white T-shirts and the clothes of Mahón will flood the main streets of Candás with the celebration, of the already traditional, rally of the cider “De Culín en Culín” (cider glass to cider glass).

“A cider rally that in this edition will have a very special character, will be a solidarity rally as a result of the collaboration agreement reached between the organization of the activity -Peñas Marineras- and the Sandra Ibarra Foundation for Solidarity Against Cancer. Through which, each of the people who participate in the celebration will donate for the benefit of the Foundation with 1 euro of the registration fee ”said Paula Cuervo, Councilwoman of Celebrations-.

The Cider Rally is a popular and eminently festive event as well as a defender of Asturian cider as a significant element of Asturies. 2,300 people will participate in this edition, which are part of one of the 99 Marine Peñas registered in the event. They will taste the nearly 9,200 bottles of cider from the Peñon cider mill from Carreño.

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