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Asturies will once again have a pavilion in Lorient

The interceltic festival will take place from August 3 to 12

This time, yes. Asturies will once again have its own pavilion at the main interceltic festival worldwide. For more than 10 days will be held in Lorient different shows, exhibitions, exhibitions, craft markets and of course first level concerts with more than 4 thousand musicians and it is expected that attendees will exceed 750 thousand.

The Interceltic Festival of Lorient covers all the musical forms of the Celtic countries, millenary songs for folk, rock or jazz, through works in a creative and cultural space. The presence of musicians from different cultures is a symbol of identity open to the world and in constant movement. A culture that mixes music, visual arts, dance, history, literature and gastronomy Lorient thus opens up to the world, in the expression of the Celtic cosmopolitanism it offers. “It’s an exchange of cultures that arises, many times, from the people who work in the very streets. These people make a real exchange, friendships are generated and strengthened, new languages ​​are learned, stories are shared… The festival surrounds you ” says Jesús Adrián Rodríguez Álvarez, in charge of the Asturian pavilion.

According to the person in charge of the Pavilion, it will show the Asturian cultural and gastronomic  heritage in Lorient’s Interceltic Festival. “Our goal will be to recreate a festive atmosphere of Asturian people. The Pavilion will be lived in three stages. From noon to 3:30 p.m., it will be time for meals. Twelve tables will be arranged from the back of the tent to the stage. And at night, until 22:30 hours you can eat. The afternoon will be quieter, with soft and traditional music. The objective is that the attendees relax during the rest of the Festival over a sweet dessert or coffee. At night, we remove the tables to create another atmosphere, it will look like a true Asturian village party with great musicians who will know how to share their culture with the festival’s tourists. ”

More information in the next issue of LA SIDRA.

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