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Empowerment of the Cider of Selection

The label composed by Foncueva, Muñiz, Peñón and Trabanco increases it sales a 10%

THE CIDER.-  The cider of Selected Apple, a quality label composed by the cider mills Trabanco, Peñón, Foncueva and Muñiz; opens the 2015′ harvest exceeding every expectations. Since the official presentation celebrated in Xixón of 10th of May, the Cider of Selection experimented an increase in the sales of a 10% compared to the same lapse of the previous year.

This growth in the sales is due mainly to two factors, explain they from this label. The first one is the good welcome it has been having in the market the “cider fremented over the yeast”, an initiative created to recover the tradition of opening the harvest with new cider, without mixing and just fermented over the yeast.

The second factor, explain the cider mills of Cider of Selected Apple, is the empowerment of the campaign “Cider Against Cancer” organized in collaboration with the Sandra Ibarra Foundation for Solidarity Against Cancer. Thanks to this campaign it has been helping to do the fundraising for research projects. “We are quite satisfied of the great welcome of the new harvest. This is a good year so far and a proof of it are the current data. Besides the fact that we grew a 10% from May to June has a very important meaning, this growth is directly linked to the income for research projects about cancer” stated José Manuel Riestra, president of Cider of Selected Apple.

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