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VII Asturian Song and Cider

On the days 25th and 26th of March inside the activities of the First Cider of the Year, there will be the show of Asturian song in which students are the protagonists.

THE CIDER– The students of Asturian singing of traditional music school Manolo Quirós, managed by Anabel Santiago, La Quintana, by Ismael Tomás and the Escuela Casa La Cultura of Colunga, by Lorena Corripio, will be the prostagonists of the two daws of Asturian tunes. They will be held on next 25th and 26th at the Tent of the Museum of the Asturian Village inside the activities of the First Cider of the Year.

Apart of being a good chance to hear Asturian tunes in a traditional environment and well along with new cider, this show now on its seventh edition, is the only event with students as protagonists, giving them the recognition and encouraging them to continue their work while getting them used to public performing and share their art with the public.


The first day there will be EMT Manolo Quirós, with the students: Omar Martínez / Javier Pérez / Irache Espiha / Andrea Alonso

and on Saturday EMT La Quintana and la Casa La Cultura de Colunga with the students: Laura Uría / Sara Sirgo / Andrea Méndez / Vanesa Señas  and Lauis Castiello, respectively..

The bagpiper will be Fran Pola and the sound technician Elisa García.

Performances will begin at 16 hours.

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