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Xixón of Cider awards

During the 11 days that lasted this eighth edition, a new record was broken with the sale of 116.000 cider bottles.


The numbers speak for themselves about the success of the last edition of Xixón of Cider since to the 116.000 bottles sold should be added the 3.000 messages through the media, the 23.000 green handkerchiefs given away or the 612 people the bus had to transport in just one day, for example.


Apart of it there were 44 prople that visited the 45 participating cider bars presenting all the corks from the 44 cider mills of this edition so they have granted a pass to a cider masterclass on next March.


The general impression of this eighth edition of XIxón of Cider can’t be better since once again the expectations were beaten while getting a great social presence. Not only among the participants but among every Xixón’s citizen and the rest of Asturians too, especially the cider lovers that see the many chances our national beverage offers while oganizing events with a social impact that go beyond the cider consumption, the gastronomy, but also reach the cultural field. The conversations about this VIII Xixón of Cider appoint to a growing event as a social phenomenon increasing in content.

Xixón of Cider 2016 Awards
Best Cider Pourer
Alejandro Morán de Sidrería La Pámpana
Finalists: Eduardo Fernández de la Sidrería Los Pomares, Wilkin Aquiles de la Sidrería El Otru Mallu
Best Cider Bar

Sidrería La Fueya de Tomás
Finalists: Sidrería Río Astur, Sidrería Sobiñagu
Best Snack
Meruza en llechu trigueros y salsia tomate de la Sidrería El Buen Yantar
Finalists: Chipirones rellenos de mazana en salsia sidre y almendres de la Sidrería La Pámpana / Cilindru de rabu toru rellenu de foie en cruxentes sobro base de pataca de la Sidrería El Sobiñagu
Best Cider

Sidra Fran (llote 1). Llagar Fran
Finalists: Estrada, Zapatero, Piñera
Best Cider Bar – Cider Mill Team
Sidrería El Saúco-Llagar Cortina
Nicest Cider Bar

Sidrería El Chaflán
Nicest Cider
Sidra El Duque

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