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La Morena, Best First Cider of the Year

LaMorenaIn yesterday’s afternoon took place the III edition of the contest Best First Cider of the Year, which had the great participation of 44 cider mills.


THE CIDER.- The cider from La Morena got the first place with 79 points, Riestra, Solleiro and Los Gemelos were the second ones with 76 points. There were seven the finalist ciders with the aforementioned plus Cabueñes, Viuda de Angelón and Estrada.

The final of this contest, organized by LA SIDRA and the Asturies XXI Foundation, took place at the cider bar fro  Xixón El Otru Mallu.

The jury is headed by Manuel Busto and compunded by Joaquín Fernández, Guti de la Barrera, Ricardo Ríos and Eloy Gómez . For the serice of cider pouring we had the best ones of Asturies: the 2015 champion of Astueries Jorge Vargas and the winners of former editions Wilkin Aquiles and Salvador Ondó.

The awarded cider will be the official cider of the VII edition of the First Cider of the Year, the biggest espicha of Asturies that marks the start of the cider season and that will be held on next 24th to 27th of March in the Museum of the Asturian Village in Xixón.

The award for the Best First Cider of the Year that has the not blended cider as protagonist. Fue to this it’s settled as one of the reference contest of our traditional beverage. Besides this year 44 cider mills signed in, so it was the second biggest one regarding number of participants.

For seven years now LA SIDRA begun to work for the recovering of thhe new cider, almost forgotten by the market due to the industrialization process of the cider mills and the generalization of the blending, being now each time more the cider mills interesting in selling this kind of cider and in participating in this contest.

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