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“Iyán de Tazones” at La Pumarada Cider Bar

Xose Nel Navarro will present a new chapter of his historical novel by parts “Dalt Vila”, especifically the chapter titled “Iyán de Tazones ente gascones y pirates echando nos sidrosos mares d’Eivissa”.

LA SIDRA.-  This new chapter is about Asturian cider mills and on it the character “Iyán from Tazones explains the Gascons and pirates how to pour cider and the many virtues of if”.

This project by the author, a historical novel on separate chapter is quite original in the current literary scene. According to the initianl project, the finished work will be composed by 120 chapters, about 1.200 pages, starred by the Roman military engineer Giovanni Battista Calvi and Iyán from Tazones the rogue.

The presentation of this XIV chapter will take place at La Pumarada Cider Bar of the well known Gascona Street from Uviéu on Monday 6th at 18 hours and the presentation will be managed by the author himself Xosé Nel Navarroa nd the philosopher and member of the ALla Lluis Xabel Álvarez.

Xosé Nel Navarro is known for his political and social commitment towards the Asturian reality apart of his intense activity in the cultural field, highlighting his essay “The Horru: an architecture of the XXI century”.

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